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Candles and Home Products that are Hand Poured with Luv

Based in Decatur , Georgia Luv & Light offers luxurious candles and products designed to spread more luv and light into the world.


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luv & light luxe products is an artisan candle company dedicated to spreading more love and light into the world by supplying luxurious quality candles, candle accessories, wax melts, and room sprays. With multiple collections, we have a variety of colors and scents to tempt and satisfy anyone's palette. Share the luv with Luv & Light.

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"OMG! I love these candles. Each and every scent smells divine, but I am in love with Decadent Delicious. True story- I was burning Decadent Delicious in my den when my roommate came out of his room and started looking around the kitchen. He asked me "Bro, where is the cake you just baked?" I cracked up laughing and told him, it's not the pound cake, it's the candle!!!! Enough said. Don't delay... these candles are essential to weeknight and weekend relaxation. You're Welcome!!!

Monty E

"I absolutely LOVE my candle. Fall is my favorite and it fills my home with that joyful smell. I am ordering another right now and know exactly what to get for Christmas this year! Thanks for an awesome product."

Taifa H

"Candles, candles, candles!!! I finally found candles that I can smell throughout the entire room. My family loves them! The Pristine Lush Linen, Autumn Embrace and Black Sand Beach are my favorites. Awesome products and expect more purchases from me in the future!!"

Richard G

"I just used my candle and it smells heavenly. I received my order promptly and the item was packed very nicely. Thanks for the wonderful service!"

Kevin F

"I love my candle! I bought the pristine linen candle and it smells divine. I will definitely will become a regular customer."

Calandra T.

"My candle arrived quickly and was beautifully packaged. The smell is delicious! It burns slowly and has such a wonderful warm glow."

Tracey C.

Wow. Wow. Wow. These candles are wonderful! I love them and will be buying more. Great scent! Nice lighting and such a nice presentation. The shipping was lightening fast!

Mario D

The Luxe Decadent Delicious candle is wonderful!! I can place it on my candle warmer and within a few minutes it smells like cake, very warm and yummy. I also love that the smell is noticeable when you enter the room, its not overpowering. Smells good enough to eat!

DaNeisha D.

This candle is AMAZING. Less than 30 minutes after I lit it, it was smelling up my entire apartment. The smell has stayed just as strong the past several times I've lit it. Best candle I've had in a long time.

Brianna D